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Filter: selection of 'Author' required?

4CRATOR JAPANPosted 5 months agoEdited 5 months ago
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Currently I'm testing around with Minitek Live Search, and struggling with how to properly configure filters.


Case 1:

I want to create a simple filter for FAQ Book Pro section.

- Content type: None (Because I want to include Questions, Sections, Topics)

- Search by Author: None selected (Because I want to include all authors.)

- Search by FAQ Book Pro Topic: None selected

- Search by Language: None Selected

- Search by FAQ Book Pro Section: Multiple Sections selected

When searched terms included in the FAQ questions in the frontend, the results of the Case 1 was: "No results found"

However, if I selected all the Authors, expected results are found.


Case 2:

I want to create a Joomla articles and categories filter.

- Content type: None (Because I want to include both Categories and Articles)

- Search by Author: None

- Search by Categeory: Multiple Categories selected

When searched 'joomla', for example, in the frontend, the results of the Case2 was: "No results found", which is not true.

However, if I selected the 'Articles' as Content type, "2 results" are found, which is still not true.

If I selected the actual Author, expected "17 resulsts" are found.


From the tests above, I guess it is required to select Author in order to get expected results.

And also, if targeting Joomla articles and categories, Content type must be selected?

Is this how you designed it?


Thanks for your help, in advance.



I noticed that when I want to search terms included in FAQ Book Pro Topics, 
I don't need to select Authors, but it is required to select Content type 'FAQ Book Pro Topics'.
Otherwise, no results found.
I'm a little confused with how to configure this filter...


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MinitekPosted 5 months agoModerator

Hi there,

Please enter the login info (+ back-end access) so that I can see the results on the website.