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Will LiveSearch continue to be available and compatible with Joomla 4?

Net-ConfigPosted 11 months ago
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I noticed in the documentation for SmartSearch that it will be rebranded as Minitek LiveSearch. It would be a REAL bummer if that means that the current LiveSearch will be discontinued.

I have spent considerable time with various AJAX search components and am super happy with how Minitek LiveSearch works and reliably so.


I have certainly also spent considerable time trying to make Joomla Smart Search combined with Minitek Smart Search work correctly, but it does not seem to index every word, like at all. So LiveSearch may not be as sophisticated in theory, but it sure works as expected.

If your LiveSearch were to disappear / not work in Joomla 4, it would be a real problem and there are essentially NO competitors is this space. The few other options that are available have issues ranging from minor / annoying to significant / not usable for serious purposes.

Please advise on plans for LiveSearch as we know and love it!


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MinitekPosted 11 months agoModerator

Hi there,

It's true that the current Minitek Live Search component will not be available for Joomla 4 and that Minitek Smart Search will take its place (and its name).

However, my plan is to merge the two components, so that it includes all functionalities (best of two worlds if you will).

I've been using Smart Search for years at with a very big index database, and I have not run into any (serious) indexing issues yet. If you run the indexer again, does this solve the issue with the non-indexed terms?

Net-ConfigPosted 11 months ago

Hi there, thanks for the prompt response on the weekend and glad to hear that Live Search will live on going forward!

I have actually been able to determine the cause of the missing words from Smart Search. I use the Regular Labs plugin for Conditional Content to split articles in a public piece and subscriber-only piece.

The missing words were in the protected piece. By deactivating the plugin, running the Indexer and then reactivating the plugin added 10,000 words or about 25% to the index. So now back to playing / testing this all some more with Minitek Smart Search options!

Thanks for all your work; it is appreciated!!