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  • Added Added support for multiple search forms on same page.
  • Added Added new configuration and search form parameters:
    • Form > Search in titles only
    • Results > Scroll to top
    • Results > Crop images
    • Results > Image max width
    • Results > Aspect ratio
  • Changed Small changes in search result template and in front-end css.
  • Fixed Fixed bug when excluding search terms.


This version contains new features that are not compatible with template overrides from older versions. Template overrides must be recreated from the new files.

It is essential to refresh your browser using the Control+F5 command. This will ensure that your browser clears its cache and loads the latest version of the component assets.


We have renamed some CSS classes to improve the consistency and clarity of the code. The following classes have been updated:

  • .mls-search is now .mls
  • .mls-search-bar is now .mls-input-bar
  • .mls-search-content is now .mls-content
  • .mls-search-results is now .mls-results

Please note that these changes may impact any custom CSS or JavaScript code that you may have implemented on your website. If you have used any of the above classes, you will need to update your code accordingly.

Posted 3 weeks ago