Creating a menu item


There are two ways to display a Slider:

  1. You can attach a widget to a menu item
  2. You can attach a widget to a module

Follow the steps below to create a menu item for a Slider:

  1. Go to your menu in Menu Manager and click on "New".

  2. In the field Menu Item Type click on "Select". Then click on "Minitek Slider" > "Masonry".

    Minitek Slider - create a menu item
  3. In the field Widget select a widget.

  4. Click on "Save & Close".


Before publishing a Minitek Slider menu item, make sure that you have properly configured the Load jQuery and Load Lightbox2 parameters in the component Global configuration. Under the tab Basic Settings enable the field Load jQuery only if you have not already loaded the jQuery Library on the page or if there is a javascript conflict with another extension.

WARNING: Multiple instances of jQuery on the same page may result to javascript conflicts. If the parameter Load Lightbox2 is set to "Yes" the Lightbox2 library will be enabled. Note that the Lightbox2 library must be loaded only once on a page. This means that if another extension on the same page is loading the same library, this could lead to javascript conflicts.