Custom items

Custom items provide a convenient way to add custom content to a widget without using content from any specific Joomla component. Custom items are assigned to a widget by group, therefore all custom items must belong to a group.

To create a widget with custom content:

  1. Go to Minitek Slider Dashboard and click on "Groups", then click on "New".

  2. Enter a name for this group and click on "Save & Close".

  3. On the next step you must create some items in this group. Go to Minitek Slider Dashboard and click on "Custom Items", then click on "New".

    A custom item has the following data:

    Title: The title for this item (required).

    Image: An optional image. This image will be displayed in the widget.

    Title/Image URL: An optional url for the item title and image.

    Category: An optional category name.

    Category URL: An optional category url.

    Tags: Does not apply for Minitek Slider.

    Author: An optional author name.

    Author URL: An optional author url.

    Description: Optional text that will be displayed in the widget as item introtext. HTML is allowed.

  4. Assign the custom item to a group and click on "Save & Close".

  5. Repeat the process to create as many items as you want.

  6. Finally, assign the group to a widget. You must select Custom Items as widget source and then select the group in the field Data source > Group.