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How it works

1. Inserting shortcodes

Shortcodes can be inserted anywhere (article text, custom html module, php file). The shortcodes render the subscription boxes that allow users to subscribe to various objects (articles, categories, tags, authors).

Example of a subscription box:

2. Subscribing to objects

Users can follow or block specific articles, categories, tags and authors. When a user is following a specific object, they will receive updates and/or email notifications for new articles or article updates in that specific object (eg. category, tag or author).

3. Creating notification events

When you create a new article from the back-end or edit an existing article, you will be able to create a notification event for this content change.

New notification events will appear as Pending in the notification events list.

Each notification event will create 2 separate notification types:


Updates are internal notifications that are displayed in the pages: My Updates, Updates.


Emails are added to the email queue and contain information about the specific content change.


Neither Updates nor Emails have been created at this stage. Notification events must be processed first.

Processing notification events

Processing a notification event is done automatically via Scheduled tasks. When a notification event is processed, Updates are created and Emails are added to the email queue. All users that have subscribed to the object (article) of the notification event (or to a parent of that article: category, tag, author) will see the updates in their personalized My Updates page.

Also, Emails will be created and added to the email queue for all users that have selected to receive email notifications for the object (article) of the notification event or for a parent of that object (category, tag, author).


At this stage, Updates have been created but Emails are not sent yet to the subscribers.

Sending emails

Emails are sent to the subscribers automatically via Scheduled tasks.


At this stage, Updates have been created and Emails have been sent. The notification is marked as completed.

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