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Content plugins

Minitek Wall is content agnostic. This means that you can feed any type of content from any 3rd party extension to the widget. This is done via content plugins (source plugins).

The following source plugins are currently available:

  1. Minitek Source - Content

  2. Minitek Source - Images PRO

  3. Minitek Source - RSS PRO

  4. Minitek Source - Custom Items PRO

  5. Minitek Source - EasyBlog PRO

  6. Minitek Source - FAQ Book PRO

  7. Minitek Source - PDF PRO

  8. Minitek Source - Audio PRO

  9. Minitek Source - Videos PRO

Content plugins must be installed manually. You can download content plugins (source plugins) from the Downloads section. More content plugins will be released in the future. You can even create your own content plugin for any 3rd party extension.

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