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Creating a menu item


There are two ways to display a widget in your website:

  1. You can create a menu item
  2. You can create a module

Follow the steps below to create a menu item for a widget:

  1. Go to your menu in Menu Manager and click on New.

  2. In the field Menu Item Type click on Select. Then select Minitek Wall > Masonry.

    Minitek Wall - create a menu item

  3. In the field Widget select a widget.

  4. Click on Save & Close.


The extension does not create URLs for the items, it uses the existing URLs that are found in your website. Therefore, if the items URLs are not correct, this means that you have not configured your menu items properly.

You must create a menu item for each item category. For example, if the extension displays Joomla articles, you must create a menu item for each Joomla category.

Note that if you assign a Wall module to these category menu items, you will still see the module when opening an article page since you are still on the same menu item.

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