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Hover box

Enable hover box
Select whether to show the hover box that appears when you hover over the item.
Hover box background
The background color of the hover box.
Background opacity
The opacity of the hover box background color. Accepts values from 0 up to 1 with 2 decimals (e.g., 0.75).
Hover box text color
The color of all text inside the hover box.
Hover box effect
The hover box animation effect.
Hover box effect speed
The speed of the hover box animation, in milliseconds.
Hover box effect easing
The hover box animation effect easing.
Select visibility of item title.
Title limit
Word limit for item title.
Select visibility of item text.
Introtext limit
Word limit for item text.
Strip introtext html
Select whether to strip all html from item content and keep only plain text. If you disable this option and the html inside the item content is not valid, the plugin will not work properly and the wall functionality may break. If this option is disabled, the introtext limit will be ignored.
Select visibility of item creation date.
Date format
See instructions at PHP Date Manual.
Select visibility of item categories.
Select visibility of item author.
Select visibility of item hits.
Link icon
Shows a link icon that redirects to the item page.
Zoom icon
Shows a magnifying glass icon that opens the item image in a modal window.
Modal title
Select visibility of item title in the modal window.
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